Building Families First Community Development Organization
38099 Schoolcraft Road, Ste 125      
 Livonia, MI 48150                              734-743-1351

Detroit Location
2nd Chance Ministries
2535 Michigan Ave.
Detroit Mi 48216

​Our Goals & Objectives

• Provide safe, clean, affordable housing
• Provide effective supportive services
• Partner with our residents and the community
• Improve the quality of life in the communities we serve
• Encourage employment and self-sufficiency
• Help residents move out of assisted housing programs
Provide affordable housing opportunities for low-income residents while laying the foundation for economic sustainability.

Redevelopment principles for BFFCDO include:

BFFCDO will continue to serve as a affordable housing provider for low-income households, offering opportunities that
  • Maximize our assets and resources to increase the supply of affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income households;
  •  Revitalize undervalued, blighted neighborhood areas through affordable housing development, 
  •  Facilitate economic opportunities; 
  •  Improve the quality of life for residents. 
  • Create construction jobs and workforce apprenticeship opportunities in those communities, as well as provide workforce readiness training.

​Rebuilding Established Homes for Affordable Buyers
Good for the Community
 Good for Homebuyers
Good for the Individual
Good for the Neighborhood
Good for the Community
Equal Opportunities