Programs and Services
Our programs are not a bandage  to the problem, they are asset building programs that impacts families around the community!

In a series of workshops, a client will learn about available opportunities while our experts examine your credit, income, expenses and savings in order to create a personalized plan to achieve home ownership.
Support us in  continuing to provide programs and services that support individuals to become self-sufficient without government assistance.
Help us get more people involved.
By volunteering for WTFSS, not only will you be making a difference to the lives of others, but you'll be also enhancing your own life.
"Workplace Giving" provides an individual the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of low income individuals by donating a nominated amount from each pay.
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Building Families First Community Organization
38099 Schoolcraft Road, Ste 131
Livonia, MI For assistance contact the call center: 734-743-1351
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM - 5PM
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Building Families First Community Organization (BFFCO) formerly (WTFSS) are committed people empowering people to "break the cycle of poverty" with a clear vision in the success of our participants through self-sufficiency and to strengthen the community.

We've been bridging gaps in services since 2008. We are an IRS recognized nonprofit organization built to empower any low income individuals to become self-sufficient and off all forms of government, state and local assistance and into home buyers. We have assisted over 3,000 individuals thus far with housing., employment, food and medical insurance.

Our vision  is to see Rental assistance be utilized as the temporary and transitional resource that it was originally intended to be. We believe that public housing as never intended to become permanent housing and we should discourage the perception from the current and future families who are able bodied, whom will receive housing assistance Apart from our vision in light of recent Welfare to Work Initiatives, is to "break the cycle of poverty" that still exists among many of our public housing residents. 

**Poverty is a state of hardship or lack thereof the socially acceptable amount of money and/or material things. As of 2014, over 48 million Americans live in it, according to the Census Bureau. Although some government programs are lifting some out of poverty, they are not putting people in the workforce, says CNN. This is where Family Self-Sufficiency programs help to fill that gap.

Outreach Location
Second Chance Ministries
2535 Michigan Ave.
Detroit MI 48216
Hours: Wednesday & Friday 5:30 - 7:00pm