Building Families First Community Organization
More specifically, BFFCO provides permanent, safe, affordable housing to families who are in the "Transitional Stage" of their journey to becoming self-sufficient, which is a milestone.
                                                        It is reached after the family has participated in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program through their Housing Authority and BFFCO.
By supporting the efforts of BFFCO, local business,corporations, and organizations connect with the community whose support is critical to their success BFFCO partners:

  • Gain greater access to targeted populations.
  • Improve the economic health and vitality of the community.  
  • Help train a potential labor force with skills that meet the evolving needs of area employers.
  • Strengthen community relations and meet their philanthropic commitments.
  • Increase awareness of their organizations within the community.
Status Quo
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                                                       "they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo"

We recognize that while conditions have improved over the past several years, there are many individuals facing barriers to economic success, including youth, working families, and the formerly incarcerated.

Too many individuals living on the margins are limited by their zip code and unable to create a better life for themselves and their families through good jobs or affordable housing. 

That’s why we’re focused on building pathways to economic mobility by addressing the issues of workforce development & education, basic needs and community development. We’re committed to advancing a more diverse and inclusive society by expanding opportunities and supporting equitable solutions that will enable low-income communities to grow and prosper.

Buying a home may be easier than you think if you are low- and moderate-income, we provide quality, affordable homes. We do this by purchasing existing homes throughout Michigan, rehabilitating the homes and marketing them to homebuyers.

Program benefits and description:
Homes are 100% move-in ready, up-to-date, and energy efficient
Purchase price of home is the appraised value.
If approved, each homebuyer receives homebuyer assistance, based on their personal financial situation.
Homebuyer assistance will make the home more affordable by reducing the mortgage and/or closing costs.
Homebuyers should have the recommend minimum of 1% of the home’s purchase price available in personal funds at time of closing.

Who is eligible?
You may be eligible if you meet the following criteria:

1.Maximum household income is no greater than 80% Area Median Income (see table below). Family SizeIncome (minimum)Income (maximum)
1 person$23,450$37,520
2 people$26,800$42,880
3 people$30,150$48,240
4 people$33,450$53,520
5 people$36,150$57,840
6 people$38,850$62,160

2.Pre-approval letter from a lender of your choice. 
  • It is recommended that you have a middle credit score of at least 620 from your tri-merge credit report.  
             Note: If you are finding it difficult to secure a pre-approval, we can connect you with financial institutions we have worked with previously.
  • Maximum household income is no greater than 80% Area Median Income 
  •  Have a down payment of roughly $1,500 at closing. 
  •  Note: This is a rough estimate. 
  •  No bankruptcies or foreclosure within the last two years.
  • Complete the MSHDA or HUD approved Homebuyer Education class (link to our ehomeamerica)

Steps to Homeownership
  • Determine if your income fits within our program limits (reference table above)
  • Determine if the homes available are right for your family size. Most of our homes are 2-3 bedrooms, 900-1200 square feet, one-story ranches), with the assumption that no more than two people will be in each bedroom. Read over the application guidelines here.
  • Take the Homebuyer and Homeownership workshop (link to our ehomeamerica)
  • Get pre-approved for a loan from a referred lender
  • Gather all required documents for the application process (NOTE: documents are only good for six months, so do not gather required documents until you are ready to apply)
How can I access this service?
If you are interested in applying for this program, please contact us to get started 734-743-1351 / Detroit 313-473-7583 or

Good for the Individual
Good for the Neighborhood
Good for the Community
38099 Schoolcraft Road, Ste 125       
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